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Aboutتداول-عملات-الذهب-تجريبي Photography is both an art and a science – controlling the light is the science part, and that’s where any professional’s skills should lie. But for me, the real art is in ensuring that the details, the moments, are truly captured and preserved. It’s the emotion behind those images that really make them shine – just think how you feel when you look through old family photographs and relive the memories of special times gone by, and special people no longer with us.

الخيار صوت اليابانية نطاق ثنائي My name’s Yvonne White, and I’m a lover of cricket, cats, cars, coffee, chocolate and many other things that don’t start with a “c” – like weddings, dogs, funny books and people in all their idiosyncrasies. And photography, of course.

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see Almost everyone today has a camera of some sort, even if it’s the one attached to your mobile phone, and that gives us the unprecedented freedom to document our lives – which is something I think is fantastic. But when it comes to the big moments, I strongly believe that a professional photographer is the way to make sure those images are a bit extra-special.

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الخيارات الثنائية اليابان التنظيم I love finding the moments and the details, the little things that are so easily missed when you’re wrapped up in an event, and committing them to film (well, usually a memory card these days, but you know what I mean). Our minds are great at storing information, but terrible for making the details of our visual memories a little fuzzy – I love the fact that my job gives me a way to preserve those precious details for people.

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معلومات عن تداول الاسهم But that’s enough about me, I want to hear about you! Getting to know people through the moments that define us is one of the best things about my job, so if you’re planning a special event, why not get in touch and tell me about it. If you’d like any more information about me, what I do, and anything else about my services, just pop by the contact page and say hi.

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