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  • Hi, my name’s Yvonne, and I’m a wedding and portrait photographer, here to help you create the perfect, timeless record of your special day. My style combines classical wedding photography with modern, fun reportage moments to really capture the excitement of your event.

    I’m based in Whetstone, North London, surrounded by amazing city, suburban and country venues. All of which means that I’m perfectly at home in whatever venue you choose – whether it’s vibrant city location or in the middle of a meadow!

    I’ve photographed weddings and events at many well-known venues, including Latimer Place in Buckinghamshire, The Manor Hotel, Elstree, and Pendley Manor, Hertfordshire, among hundreds of others across the UK. Take a peek at the Blog to see many photos from my weddings.

    Every venue, whether it’s brand new to my lens or an old friend, is approached with the same eye for detail, to ensure you get unique and special photographs that capture the magic. I’m already taking bookings for 2016, though there are still a few dates available in 2015, so get in touch now to make sure you don’t miss out.

    I’d better not forget my other main area of expertise, which is portrait photography. Portraiture comes in many forms, but I mostly find my inspiration outdoors. I aim to capture you in a relaxed and natural way, and that goes hand in hand with finding a location that you’re comfortable and happy in. Individuals, couples, kids, families and even pets have all found their spotlight at the front of my lens, so get in touch and let’s see where the camera can take you.

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اسهم اعمار

-- شركة الوسيط للأعمال المالية (ش.م.ك) الوسيط ص.ب : 3024 الصفاة 13031 الكويت هاتف : 22959000 22497327- 22440815 اجمالى رأس المال: 5,000,000 د.ك.. لأن الملك سليمان عليه السلام كان خاتمه رمزا لملكه.. إسمنت العربية توزع 3.25 ريال أرباحاً للسهم عن النصف الثاني للعام 2014 أعمال فنية خارج الصندوق ترسم عالماً بلا حدود ضفادع في اندونيسيا تتكاثر بلا إباضة الأكثر قراءة
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